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Apr 18, 2016
   Here at Great Basin Bakery we like to do our part to help, and recycling is one of them. We recycle the cardboard, glass & plastic from both the cafe and the prep areas as many places do, but we also have taken it a bit further. Many of the items that you see in the bakery have been upcycled from random places. When you sit down to enjoy your coffee, take a look at the table: it's from the owner's redwood deck. Her husband took apart what wasn't needed and crafted them into beautifully lacquered tabletops with a metal edging. Another example is the bar which came... + continue reading
Jan 12, 2016
   We all do it: a new year comes, and we have in our minds how we want to transform ourselves but we never quite make it. The passing of the old to the new year for many is like a whole new page where anything can be written.  It's full steam the first few days and you feel powerful and confident, and then.....reality of life seeps in. Your job is full time, kids need to be shuttled to games and you barely have time to get dinner on the table, let alone find time for you. We make this so hard on ourselves, but it really doesn't have to be a  big thing if we don... + continue reading
Nov 19, 2015
     Fall has come and slowly winter is creeping upon us in the Valley, and that means we start putting out our seasonal sweets and treats here at the Bakery. As our thoughts shift to the holidays so do our taste buds, and with that comes Pumpkin pies, decorated cookies and more. Everything here is made and packaged by hand, whether it be sugar cookies or our delicious assortment of pies. Care and time with attention to detail is what we're all about! We carry Gingerbread, Pumpkin Spice, and Sugar cookies that are decorated in theme with the season. The royal icing has... + continue reading
Aug 03, 2015
Ever wonder about those yellow packets of yeast you see at the store? It's taken a long time for the process to get almost perfect so anyone can bake at home with great results.History has shown that people were using yeast before the written word for food purposes, and likely considered it a mysterious process that wasn’t clearly understood but worked.  Egyptians were known to use yeast in the leavening of bread and in the alcohol they produced for their enjoyment. Over the years, bakers have honed their skill in figuring out the right fermentation process for the desired... + continue reading
Jun 29, 2015
Who doesn’t love roasted garlic? Better yet, slow roasted garlic folded into sourdough bread and baked to a golden brown? Our Garlic Sourdough is made once a week on Fridays and sells out within hours. We roast our garlic cloves in Piano del Principe extra virgin olive oil for up to a half hour. Quality olive oil makes it even better.This bread is a garlic lover’s dream and makes a grilled cheese or your favorite sandwich top notch. Stop in and snag a loaf one Friday and see for yourself
May 04, 2015
   One of our favorite breads here at the bakery is the Rye Sourdough that we sell on Fridays.  The process of making the bread takes three days, with a very large percentage of starter used in the dough. For those of you who are not sure what a "starter" is, it is the basic foundation of all good bread. Simply water and rye flour are allowed to sit in a cool place to ferment and grow up to a period of ten days. Once the starter is ready to use, we feed it to make it grow, remove some starter, only to feed it again. We then make our dough from this, adding flour and... + continue reading
Apr 27, 2015
Did you know that the secret to our great sourdough bread is very simple?  Time, that's all.  And, of course, the best unbleached flour money can buy.  Using the sourdough culture we started in 2003, we mix our dough the day before it is baked and let it rise at its own pace.  After the loaves are hand-shaped, they are retarded at cold temperatures for 24 hours before being baked the next morning.  This process guarantees the flavor and crust that you love!