BakeryA Short History of Rye Bread

May 31, 2017by admin2

One of our favorite breads here at the bakery is the Rye Sourdough that we sell on Fridays.  The process of making the bread takes three days, with a very large percentage of starter used in the dough. For those of you who are not sure what a “starter” is, it is the basic foundation of all good bread. Simply water and rye flour are allowed to sit in a cool place to ferment and grow up to a period of ten days. Once the starter is ready to use, we feed it to make it grow, remove some starter, only to feed it again. We then make our dough from this, adding flour and the other ingredients, and it rests overnight.  The following day we bake the loaves and present them to sell to our loyal customers.

A quick history of the rye bread goes back to the 12th century, when the Germans discovered rye because a round of wheat crops had failed. Rye tends to grow wonderfully in the cool, wet Northern European plains, and remains the favored grain of that area. Our rye continues that tradition, using a German Rye starter we grew over a decade ago. If you haven’t sampled this bread, give it a try. We are sure it will become one of your newfound favorites.


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