BakeryMore Than One Way to Recycle

May 18, 2017by admin0
recycled bar

Here at Great Basin Bakery we like to do our part to help, and recycling is one of them. We recycle the cardboard, glass & plastic from both the cafe and the prep areas as many places do, but we also have taken it a bit further. Many of the items that you see in the bakery have been upcycled from random places. When you sit down to enjoy your coffee, take a look at the table: it’s from the owner’s redwood deck. Her husband took apart what wasn’t needed and crafted them into beautifully lacquered tabletops with a metal edging. Another example is the bar which came from the Bishop Union High School’s science building. It was originally an old ceiling joist! The countertops which hold both merchandise and storage for coffee came from Buttermilk Mountain Works, they made backpacks. When they went out of business, we got the work tables and cut them in half to make them into what we needed.

We like the idea here that there is a use for anything if you take a second look. A little imagination goes a long way!

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